"Listening to your disc and loving it! ... Destination is a hard swinging, soulful record by Gordon Vernick that I'm thoroughly enjoying. The band is cohesive and Gordon's playing is full of passion, purpose, and clarity. "

Donny McCaslin - Internationally renown and Grammy nominated jazz artist

"Gordon Vernick can hold you close with his sound alone, but add to that a musicality and taste this rarely found today and you'll find yourself saying, 'I want more of that!'"

Kevin Hays - International Recording Artist

"Dr. Gordon Vernick, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Jazz Studies at Georgia State University, takes a break from the teaching role, steps into the studio and delivers a fine example of his composing, arranging and playing with his latest release "The Strangest Thing." Important to note is that each artist joining Dr. Vernick is an active jazz educator in the Atlanta community as well. They are doing their part to keep jazz alive and developing."

Bruce Pulver - http://www.jazzreview.com/cd/review-20189.html

“ I first heard Gordon when we played a number of my compositions for a concert at GSU. I was surprised to hear how he and the faculty stretched the music at will. As for his new recording, it captures both the subtlety and vigor that’s found in only the best music, regardless of style. Furthermore, Gordon’s playing and sound is truly mature and full of surprise."

Rez Abbasi - International Recording Artist

"...Sounds great. The band is killing."

Jared Burrows - International Recording Artist

"Gordon Vernick's first outing as a leader shows an artist at the peak of his powers both in playing ability and composition. For those in the know Atlanta has an abundance of world class musicians., many of whom are on Gordon's CD. The combination is a tour de force of contemporary jazz, as in "The Strangest Thing" where great playing and strong composition yield a track destined to be part of the standard repertoire."

Bruce Arnold - International Recording Artist

"It's the strangest thing that trumpet virtuoso and noted jazz educator Gordon Vernick has waited until now to release a CD. It's well worth the wait, as Gordon has assembled a band of like minded musicians, each of whom is in total command of their instrument. Soul, swing, and musicality are front and center on this collection of forward thinking music by forward thinking musicians. Along with many modern touches, the music also pays respects to the long legacy of jazz. Among the vehicles for the exploratory expositions by Gordon & company are compositions by Hancock, Hagans, Hart, Cunliffe, Van Hussen/Mercer, Bales, and Vernick himself. The music is a rich tapestry of modern jazz at its best. Take a listen to "The Strangest Thing", and you'll come back often for more!"

Andy Laverne- International Recording Artist