02.03.20Harry Mullins

I have a badly infected/painful tooth, lating in bed listening to British jazz, pretty hard to find in the US} and thought about you .. looks like you're doing ok since you got stuck in Maryville for a couple years .. just thinnking how working much working with you expanded my musical knowledge/ interests/ etc
thanks and besh wishes



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12.04.19Bob Hecht

Dear Gordon Vernick,

I am writing as both an appreciative listener of your podcast, as well as a colleague and fellow educational jazz podcaster, to seek your advice.

Having retired last year from a career as an educational video producer, and as a lifelong jazz fan with a long history of doing jazz radio programming, I launched a podcast series (thejoysofjazz.com), a completely non-profit endeavor, originating here in Portland, Oregon from my home studio. While yet to attain a significant listenership, the show has received critical acclaim, having won a Silver Medal in the Music Podcast category of the 2019 New York Festivals Radio Awards.

My show is not in the same pedagogical league as your own—I am not a musician or musicologist—and it relies more on historical anecdotes, personal experiences, and some interviews, to elucidate the contributions of our great jazz artists. Interwoven between narrative segments are typically examples of solos or other portions of music pieces. Should you be interested, here is a link to a representative episode, on Zoot Sims: https://www.thejoysofjazz.com/zoot-sims-warm-tenor/

When initially evaluating whether to embark on the podcast series, I reviewed the issue of potential copyright infringement when using uncleared, unlicensed music clips, and came to the opinion that what I was undertaking would be covered, should I be challenged, by the ‘fair use’ provisions of the copyright law.

To date I have not been challenged on this nor had any indication that I might be. However, as I contemplate moving into year 2 of the podcast, and the potential for increased listenership, I have some nagging concerns about this aspect and about whether I might down the road encounter either ‘cease and desist’ challenges or, worse, a legal suit.

So, I am writing to inquire whether any of these issues are relevant to your own highly successful endeavor, whether you have any experience in them, and if so, how you have handled them. Would you be willing to have a short phone conversation sometime, at your convenience, to chat about this aspect of music podcasting with me?

If you are willing to talk with me, please let me know a good date and time to call you, and your preferred phone number.

Thanks for considering my request, and thanks for your show, from which I have learned a great deal over the years.

Best regards,

Bob Hecht
cell 415-793-3112

11.21.19jonathan somper

I just wanted to say that my wife Carol and I came to your gig at the The Cask in Scarborough (North Yorkshire) and thought it was terrific. We have recently moved up to Scarborough from Gloucester and used to go to the Cheltenham Jazz Club there, this was our first visit to the Scarborough Jazz club and it couldn't have been better. Sumptuous playing and it was fascinating hearing the context to the music and also your experiences added a dimension which we really appreciated. It was also evident from the way you encouraged the other young players throughout the performance to see how you must bring out the best in your students. Long may you continue touring. Apologies for not thanking you at the end, but sadly we had to rush home for a sick dog.

11.03.19John F

Hi Gorden

We’re looking forward to seeing you at our venue in Clitheroe UK on the 22nd November.

We’ll need some help promoting your gig so please do you have some up-to-date photos, videos, recent details and could you put this information about your gig on your website or social media please.

MONTHLY CLUB GIG | From the USA - the Gordon Vernick Trio

Friday 22 November 2019 From 7:00pm, Stage: 8:00pm to 10:00pm
Venue: Clitheroe Rugby Club, Littlemoor Rd, Clitheroe BB7 1EW Tel: 01200 422261 | Tickets: Adv £12 / £10 members | Book Now: from The Grand's website

What other gigs will you be doing in the UK - are you doing a tour?

All the very best,
John F

10.20.19Michael Street

I am 62 and want to get into GSU
I know I need a teacher for some tuning up
Do you have any recommendations?

10.09.19Fay Rodger


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10.08.19John Flanagan

Really looking forward to your gig in Cliutheroe on the 22nd November. We're busy promoting the gig to get you a great audience. Could you help us promote it by adding the event to your website or social media.
Here's our website: http://www.rvjazzandblues.co.uk/index.php
And tickets are on sale at:

10.06.19James King

Hey Doc! Hope all is well with you man! I am reaching out to see if there’s an opportunity to become an adjunct teaching trumpet at GSU. I would really like to expand my resume into the teaching field and I thought you would be a great resource to connect with.

If there isn’t any openings at GSU, it would be tremendous if you could help me achieve this at another institution.

Thank you in advance!


08.19.19Rachel Cowan


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07.14.19John Faulkner


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Just listened to your four part series on the album Kind of Blue. Loved it very insightful!! Are you not longer doing episodes for your podcast any longer?


01.24.19Jacob Aguado

Hello Dr. Vernick,

My name is Jacob Aguado and I am a tenor saxophonist and high school student from San Antonio, TX. I will be attending the University of North Texas to double major in Jazz Studies and Music Edu. I would first like to say that I admire your knowledge and hard work for the world of jazz, demonstrated in your Jazz Insights podcast. I have learned so much from it and enjoy listening to them everyday. I am currently in a class called Independent Study Mentorship (ISM), in which a student chooses a topic to study throughout the year and chooses a professional or a mentor in that field to assist you with the student’s studies. My mentor’s name is Adam Carrillo, who is a successful saxophonist in the San Antonio area. My topic is Jazz Studies and for my final product (a 45 minute to an hour presentation at the end of the year), I will organize a jazz combo together and play significant charts that truly capture the essence of each decade of jazz in the 1900s and 21st century, while also providing information in regards to each tune. I was wondering if we could do a Skype call or phone call (whatever is easiest for you) to discuss the history and origin of each tune I have and your take on what made each decade different to each other.

I am very excited to hear back from you and hopefully get to discuss this matter!

Thank you so much for your time,
Jacob Aguado

01.23.19Jacob Aguado

Hello Dr. Vernick,

My name is Jacob Aguado and I am a tenor saxophonist and high school student from San Antonio, TX. I will be attending the University of North Texas to double major in Jazz Studies and Music Edu. I would first like to say that I admire your knowledge and hard work for the world of jazz, demonstrated in your Jazz Insights podcast. I have learned so much from it and enjoy listening to them everyday. I am currently in a class called Independent Study Mentorship (ISM), in which a student chooses a topic to study throughout the year and chooses a professional or a mentor in that field to assist with the student’s studies. My mentor’s name is Adam Carrillo, who is a saxophonist in the San Antonio area, who is assisting me with studying my topic: Jazz Studies. For my final product (a 45 minute to an hour presentation at the end of the year), I will organize a jazz combo together and play significant charts that truly capture the essence of each decade of jazz in the 1900s and 21st century, while also providing information in regards to each tune. I was wondering if we could do a Skype call or phone call (whatever is easiest for you) to discuss the history and origin of each tune I have and your take on what made each decade different to each other, so that I could further my research to a greater extent.

I am very excited to hear back from you and hopefully get to discuss this matter!

Thank you so much for your time,
Jacob Aguado

07.16.18Renato Rabaiotti

I recently drove from Italy, where I live, to Scandinavia and back, zig-zagging through several countries and totalling more than three days behind the wheel of my car. Instead of listening to my usual jazz-based playlists, I
thought I would re-visit your Jazz Insights podcasts, the
entire series of which I originally downloaded and enjoyed singly as they came out. I got through about 190 of them
without interruption and have since made a start on the
remaining 50 or so. I have to say that approaching them in this way made me realize even more what an amazing body of work these podcasts represent in terms of jazz
education and appreciation, and I though I would drop you these few lines to express my belated gratitude.
Best Wishes, Renato Rabaiotti.


Hey Gordon I love your podcast but where did it go? iTunes U doesn’t seem to have it anymore and I tried to subscribe on stitcher, which doesn’t work either! I really miss it

01.27.18Georgia Hill

Hello Gordon,

I’m trying to get info on how to enroll my son for RJFK.


07.24.17Stacey Quick

Our two oldest sons are interested in auditioning for RYJO, but I have a few questions. Is it an option to only audition for the big band or do students play in both? If you have to do both and a student makes it into the big band is their combo generally on the same night? They both currently play for GYSO Jazz - would they have conflicts with concerts? I noticed the schedule is not available yet, but when would rehearsals begin if either of them made it in? Any info that you can share would be great. We live in Powder Springs and want to be sure that we could honor the commitment before auditioning. Thanks!

04.24.17Derrick footman

Hi Dr.Vernick, I'm a Music Major at the Georgia State School of Music. My name is Derrick Footman.I have recently studied classical piano with Dr. Jeffrey Haydon, for four semester; which I have enjoyed very much. But,I am very interested in taking Jazz lessons for my remaining Semesters. I would like to auditions for the jazz department, I would also like to know what music would I need to have prepared for the auditions. Please let me know. Thanks

01.16.17Jim Ford

Hello Professor,

Just looking on iTunes for your podcasts Jazz Insights. I had listened to them all up through a few years ago. I was hoping to recommend them to a friend whom I took to a local show here in Berkeley and wanted to learn about jazz and is trying to get his 6 year-old into music (trumpet is his favorite so far!).

However, when I go on iTunes I don\'t find all of the podcasts that I have listened to.

Is there a place where one can find them all?

All the best and thanks for all the teaching.

Jim Ford



I am the transwoman you spoke to at the end of tonight's session at Red Light. I will spread the word. While jazz is not my natural musical habitat, I have been amazed by the music I have heard during your performances.

Thank you again for amazing music.



Hi, Dr. V.
I've loved listening to the Jazz Insights Podcast (all of them). What a great and entertaining educational experience! Do you think you'll add new episodes in the future?

10.18.16Henry Cooper Jr

Hello Mr. Vernick, a pleasure to meet you. Questions I like to ask do you accept private lessons for trumpet players that have an interest in playing jazz including improvisation and all. I myself been playin the trumpet since I was in the 7th grade and it's been 19 years now. Seems I devoted myself to playing jazz including all other genres. I'll love to hear back from you.

10.07.16Edmond Hong

Do you do beginner Jazz Trumpet lessons? Please let me know! Thank you!



Gordon, I want to say a massive thankyou for recording jazz insights and making them available to the world. I am half way through the list and am finding them a fascinating listen on the way to work



08.20.16Justin Massey

I LOVE your Jazz Insights podcast. I started at the beginning and began working my way up through the catalogue, but by the time I got to Stan Getz, which may have been around January or possibly closer to March, I was no longer able to download episodes off of iTunes. I really hope the episodes aren't simply gone. You make some incredibly high-quality and educational podcasts, and I wish I could continue listening to them. Do you know if there is a place where I can still listen to them, or if they will be downloadable from iTunes again at any point?

Thank you,
Justin Massey

08.10.16Tammie Jackson

Dear Mr. Vernick,

A friend of my, Barbara Sobel, referred me to you for possible Jazz ensemble for my son, Malcolm. She said her son Ethan has a wonderful experience with your organization. Could you please contact us to see if something could be worked out for Malcolm to participate, he is a percussionist.

Thank you,
Tammie Jackson

06.04.16Mariama Tatum

Dr. Vernick,

Please call me whenever you are available. I would like an opportunity to sing and maybe even play with your group.

Let me know what you think. Also, I was interested in private lessons.

Thanks in advance..

05.10.16felice pomeranz

HI, Dr. Vernick!
I was referred to you by Joe Lovano.
I am the harp professor at Berklee and we need an acoustic upright bassist for June 30 and July 3 in Atlanta!
Could you possibly recommend someone? I appreciate your help and your time and suggestions.
Many thanks, Felice Pomeranz

04.28.16Claudia Coffman

Was at a friends listening to The History of Jazz Guitar and want to listen to it again. I see it listed on your podcasts but is it unavailable?

03.19.16Mike Newman

Hi, I miss your podcasts. Any more coming soon? Thanks. Mike Newman, Los Angeles

01.27.16Kerwin L. Felix


Man, I am really digging this tune In The Dark, the Strangest Thing. Where can I buy the CD? The tune is really inspiring.



I found you online and have contacted you regarding jazz band camps in the summer. I am currently looking for a piano instructor for my 13 year old son who loves to study theroy and jazz. He also plays alto sax, but his primary instrument is piano as he's played for about 7 years now. We are in north meto Atlanta (near Alpharetta).
Is there anyone you could recommend?


12.25.15Maurizio De Cecco

Well, i am a 56 years old jazz student, and your Jazz Insights are a great tool to get a feeling of the history of Jazz; i am deeply grateful. You are one of my virtual teacher.

I notices that on the platforms that i know there are no Jazz Insights more recents than january 2015.

Just moved to other interest ? Are you ok ?



Thanks for your music and educational content. I especially appreciate the many Jazz insights on trumpeters such as Kenny Dorham, Woody Shaw and Freddie Hubbard!
But they all don't seem available any longer! In fact, there are only 50 iTune University podcasts of Jazz Insights available at the moment! Is this a temporary issue? Maybe I should be asking iTunes or WMLB.

07.06.15Sarah Callaghan

My 13 year old son plays upright bass and is interested in the youth jazz program. His older brother is in the North Atlanta Jazz Band and plays trumpet. Nolan enjoys that style of music and listening to his brother play. We would love to get Nolan involved in jazz- he has only had the opportunity to play classical at Sutton Middle School. Please let us know how he can get involved with your program.
Sarah Callaghan

07.04.15Art Gust

Dr.Vernick We are starting up a new LP FM station in Fayetteville, Arkansas KPSQ I have a show Jazz with Gusto and on the programming committee. My question what would we need to do to use you show on the air?


Dr. Vernick,

I GREATLY appreciate you "Jazz Insights" series - wow! ...what a trove of knowledge, out there for us all!
Short story - I met a VA grad student at a hostile in Marrakech, Morocco, in 1974. He convinced me to attend the Montreaux Jazz Festival for 1975, which I did - and those 5 consecutive nights of music, in a rather intimate atmosphere by today's standards, with performances by some of the most legendary jazz artists of the time (of all time) - simply stated, it was a life-changing event!

My question is: do you know of a single site I can go to dwonload and archive ALL your Jazz Insight shows? I see various segmetns located on iTunes, iTunes U, Stitcher, etc., but I can't seem to find them all in one place, where I can download the audio file and library them for continued listening. I consider these essential - and highly recommend them to any/all friends as the very best source for 'getting it'.

Regardless, I do again offer my heartfelt thanks for your hard work and lasting contributions to jazz!


CAPT Vic Steinman, USN (ret)

06.25.15J.A. Rollins

Hello Mr. Vernick my name is Jim Rollins and I am a jazz fan like you. I've recently written a series of historical fantasy books on jazz called ii-V-I: A JassOdyssey. I wrote them to get young adults interested in jazz. I've completed two in the series, and am currently working on the third book. The books are available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I would like to send you a copy in exchange for a review. The series would make a great summer read. Between books one and two, I mention over 500 jazz musicians and part of the story takes place in Atlanta. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you. J.A. Rollins

06.10.15Bovis Presley



06.07.15Matthew Culmore

what has happened to the Jazz Insights podcasts on iTunes? Can't find any items since Lenny Breau.

05.19.15Aidan Jones

Hello, This is Aidan Jones, one of the drummers from the RJK all-stars program. I am looking for marimba lessons over the summer and since you are inn the music business, i was wondering if you knew anyone who could help. Thanks so much!

03.22.15Ryan McCaffrey

I just started back into aying again after a few years off and stumbled upon your program. It is a daily staple in my life. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

03.21.15Phil Markowitz

Hi Gordon Phil Markowitz here I checked out your podcasts the are wonderful congratulations very informative and fun to listen to hope to see you at some point have a great end to your spring semester

02.27.15Erik Keys

I am interested in taking jazz trumpet lessons. My contact is 301-802-7326.

02.20.15Debb Moore

Good Day Dr. Vernick!!!!
This is Debb Moore...at your earliest and best opportunity please contact me @ 404.212.0702/770.873.1828. If I am not available pls. leave your contact information and best time for me to connecrt with you! Thank you...look forward to hearing from you....

Be well...

01.26.15Jerry King

Mr Venick,

I hope all is well. I am Jerry with J King Images. I am working on some personal projects for 2015 and would like to know if you would be available for a photo op. I would love the opportunity to speak with you.


Jerry King

01.21.15Andrei Chichak

Hi there,

I'm a subscriber to your Jazz Insights podcast. But wait, I'm also from Canada, and, as such, we get to listen to the CBC. One of their talking heads is Randy Bachman from that great '70s jazz band (not really) Bachman-Turner Overdrive (although Randy's song Blue Collar is definitely jazz).

Randy grew up in Winnipeg and ran with Lenny Breau. Lenny taught Randy tons of stuff about playing the guitar as Randy was cutting school.

As someone with an interest in Lenny Breau, I would suggest you look up Randy, either via the CBC and his program Randy's Vinyl Tap, or through your professional connections. I'm sure you could do another show or two on Lenny from the conversation.

You've got a great program, I've learned a lot even though I'm not a practitioner.


01.21.15Scott King

I am the Director of Bands at Starr's Mill HS in Fayette County. I would like to setup a time for you to come and work with my trumpets, my jazz band, talk about GSU, or all of the above. Is that something you can fit into your schedule? If so, what price would it be per hour or session? Contact me by phone if needed (404-406-3408). Thank you and have a great day!


I recently started listening to your podcast and can't thank you enough for enlightening me on some of the lesser known jazz figures or at least ones I had no idea about. I collect records and I just picked up a kenny dorham record called "ease it". It had no cover. Upon research I found it was originally Rocky Boyd's album. I searched for info on Boyd and have found nothing substantial. I'm wondering if you can point me in the right direction or if you would consider doing a podcast on him/ talk about the problem a reissue can have on a lesser known artist.

Best, Ron

11.18.14roger keeler

i have learned so much from your podcast, thank you so much.

10.09.14Carlos Centeno

Dear Dr. Vernick,
I'm a professional musician here out in Los Angeles trumpet player and I just wanted to tell you that I'm a huge fan of your radio or podcast "Jazz Insights" which how I listen to it is through my smart phone. I listen to "Jazz Insights" in my daily traffic drives to work and gigs. I tell everybody I know from students to colleagues about Jazz Insights. I can wait to hear more and new insights of new artist. I notice your insights on the Latin artist are great. I can wait to hear you do insights on artist Victor Paz, legendary Cuban Alfredo (Chocolate) Armenteros which are still living by the way. Any chance on doing a insight on Wynton Marsalis, Brian Lynch, Jon Faddis, Randy and Micheal Brecker, Jerry Bergonzi, Hal Crook, Barry Harris, Willie Thomson, Ryan Kisor? Thank you so much for your hard work and insights to all the artist you have done. My favorite episodes have been Booker Little, Tito Puente, Paul Chambers and Woody Shaw.

Best Regards

Carlos Centeno

10.06.14Irwin Chusid

Enjoying (and learning from) your podcasts. You planning to do a feature on Sun Ra? I co-produced the Mastered for iTunes 2014 reissue series of 25 classic Sun Ra albums. Happy to give you the entire series as free AAC+ downloads so you can hear the man's great works.

10.02.14Maxim Hansen

Dr. Vernick,

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoy your show. You always inspire me to play better, and have opened my ears to so many great recordings that I would not have found otherwise.

I have a feeling that the intro track to your show is probay you on trumpet. Sounds great, which recording is that?

BTW, I thought you might want to do a show on Lenny Breau. He is little known outside the guitar world, but really is one of the all time greatest jazz guitarists in history. Unfortunately he struggled with addiction and was murdered in his own swimming pool, so didn't record that much.

He uses impossible technique to play very much like two hands of a piano, and is really the first virtuoso of cascade harmonics and octave displacement in voicings using those harmonics. Often plays beautiful voices with tight major and minor intervals in middle if chord a la Bill Evans( this is a bear on guitar).... Bit most of all, it all swings really hard.

If you haven't already, you should check out "live on bourbon street" with the great bassist Dave Holland.

In great appreciation


09.20.14David Curl

My son Duncan is a junior in high school and a drummer. He is interested in pursuing music as a career. How can he audition for the Jazz Band. Also, do you have any summer programs?

08.04.14Tre Rice

I was wondering if we could arrange some time for my quartet to rehearse at the Rialto. The quartet consists of Kevin Oliver, Aaron Woolfolk, Joshua WIlliams and myself. Please let me know if this is in any way possible
Tre Rice

08.03.14Wilbert Sostre

Greetings Dr. Vernick,

My name is Wilbert Sostre, owner of Jazz and Bossa Radio jazzandbossaradio.com a web radio dedicated to jazz and blues. It would be an honor to broadcast your jazz history podcast. If you're interested please send me a message to wsostre@gmail.com

07.09.14Jon Richards

Jazz Insights - Media is teriffic! Seven decades in, I am just now learning about jazz, thanks to my son who has invited me to several S.F.Jazz Center performances. Now I am listening to your lectures, mostly while on my bike on multi-hour training rides in the hills near Palo Alto. I've recommended the series to several friends who hare interested in jazz.

06.19.14James Robinson

Good afternoon Dr. Vernick, my name is James Robinson. I am contacting you to find out if you're available to play for a funeral service on this Saturday, June 21 at 12 noon. My boss' aunt passed away and she asked if I would find someone that could play oh when the Saints go marching in at the conclusion of the service. Could you please contact me at 678-906-0365? Thank you very much!


Love Jazz Insights... I'm getting a lot out of them! Thank you so much!

05.28.14Dr. Gary Axelson

I recently installed BeyondPod on my Galaxy S3 and began looking for some of the best podcasts - especially involving jazz. I absolutely love Jazz Insights - it has quickly become one of my "never miss" downloads. I was listening to your series on Nat King Cole and have a lot of his pre-1947 stuff in my collection. But I was particularly interested in your comments about Oscar Moore and his influences. The first time I listened to some of the pre-47 instrumentals I was blown away by Moore but some of the tracks could have substituted Les Paul - a lot of the licks sounded very similar. Is there any evidence of direct cross-pollination between these two guys other than hearing one another. Moore was one year younger, I think. Or was it that they were both heavily influenced by Django Reinhardt? I think Reinhardt's widow gave Paul one of Django's Selmers and that he paid for Django's headstone. Anyhow I could listen to either for hours.Wish I lived in Atlanta so that I could take some of your courses - your blend of knowledge and experience as an active musician show in the podcasts. and you're a terrific teacher. I'm a recently retired clinical psychologist with new time on my hands, and jazz is one of my passions. I'll have to settle for checking out course offerings up here in the Virginia suburbs of D,C, Thanks again for the wonderful programming.
Dr. Gary Axelson
Oakton, VA

04.19.14Craig Wilkie

Hi, I've just discovered the pod casts of your radio programme. Thank you so much! They are brilliant. I've just finished the Booker Ervin podcasts which I really enjoyed.

I can see this is going to cost me quite a bit as I get through your archive - that's 3 albums bought on one artist already!

Really looking forward to hearing about new artists I know nothing about!

Thanks again, Craig

04.16.14Kevin Oliver

Hi, Dr Vernick this is Kevin the alto saxophone player from Sandtown. I just wanted you to know I didn't come the last two weeks because we were out of town on spring break.

03.13.14Don Privitera

Any plans for Moments Notice?


Hello, enjoying your music. Will you have any space in your studio at GSU fall 2014?

02.02.14D Scott Bassinson

I have learned much by listening to your podcast "Jazz Insights," but have not seen any new programs (at least on iTunes) since Part 3 of Lennie Tristano, from October 2013. Will there be any more?

Thanks for the effort! Great show.

12.02.13David Clark

Hi Gordon.
I'm moving to Atlanta and looking for evening classes for jazz combo or other opportunities to get some ongoing group setting music education.

When I lived in Oakland, CA there were some great options like Berkeley Jazz Workshop or Laney community college. Anything like those in Atlanta?

Also, do you have any recommendations on venues for hearing live jazz in Atlanta?


11.26.13john clendenon

iTunes U Jazz Insights has a bunch of wrong file extenions startng with "Benny Carter Part 1" and it's making the audio files PDF files and therefore unusable. I'm a HUGE fan and want to listen to all of it!
Also, this form field doesn't work in Safari browser.


Good morning,

I started tracking down jazz podcasts a couple of months ago because I started writing short essays about the history of jazz. (My sister's daughters in California had seen School of Rock and asked if their uncle the music collector might teach them about the history of jazz and rock and roll.) The stuff covering the early days is mostly cobbled from Wikipedia and links I find there, to each which I add a Spotify playlist.

I've learned a lot from your show and hope that your enthusiasm permeates what I write. I've started posting them to my blog (joejots.wordpress.com) to which I've added a link to Jazz Insights.

I want to thank you especially for the Lennie Tristano series and for introducing me to this astounding pianist. After listening to all three episodes back to back last night, I had to write to Maya and Sarah and say, really, just take 45 minutes and listen. (I also created a playlist with all the songs in their entirety which is seeing me through my day at work as well.)

Fantastic work! Thank you!

~Joe Silber
Leiden, The Netherlands

09.08.13Carl Pickens

Dr. Vernick,

Thanks so much for your wonderful podcast. I have learned so much from them. They are superbly organized and well thought out.
I have listened to all of them and not one fails to be enlightening and entertaining. I hope that you will continue to make these as I believe these mini "documentaries" will be a great legacy.

Thank you so much for your contribution to Jazz and its history.
Carl Pickens

09.07.13Christian Hoernlimann

Dear Dr. Vernick
I came across your podcast "Jazz Insights" on Itunes the other day and I can't tell you how glad I am to be able to listen to your podcasts! I don't think you could describe me as an absolute jazz novice - I've liked jazz for a long time and even played in a jazz band for a year - but I never really got down to actually listening a lot of jazz. I always felt that the music was too complex for me or something, I could never really get a hold on it, if you know what I mean. I always feel that for being able to listen to more complex music e.g. jazz or classical music, I needed someone to explain the music to me, someone who could show me which music to listen to, what to listen for in the music and give me a thorough understanding of the background of the music. And that's just the case with your podcast!
All I can say is I'm looking forward to many more episodes of Jazz Insights!
With many greetings (from Switzerland)
Christian Hoernlimann

08.10.13DeVaughn Wragg

I wanted to know when auditions were going to held

07.08.13Clay Rolader

Dr. Vernick,

I am an adult sax player who has been playing for 4 years. Do you know of any big bands around Atlanta for intermediate level players? I am looking for a band where I can play big band music with others and develope my reading skills. Just thought with your ties to jazz all over town you might know of something.


Clay Rolader


Hi Gordon, love the show.... Am wondering if you have plans of exploring the life and music of Charlie Parker? -Derek

05.22.13Jonathan Thomas

Hello Dr. Vernick, my name is Jonathan. I am interested in auditioning for your Jazz Ensemble. I play the Alto Saxophone. You might know my band director Phil Crews at Rich Central High School. Please contact me at this address or my phone number, 708-497-5777

05.17.13Tom Carpenter

Hello Gordon -
Would you be interested in ringing a group in to the Comcast studios to record a video? I prodce Atlanta Jazza and Blues and bdring bands in to record. This is a no budget program and the most I can offeris a DVD o he sessio. The program is seen on Sat's 9PM on Comcast Access channel ch. 25, Saturdas 9PM. Now the progamis are on TV47, a innernet TV staition. Old programs are seen Mondayh=-Friday at 7P - go to TV47.net.; If interested let me know and we can set somethin up. we record a t the Comcast studio in Chamblee..

05.11.13Kevin Oliver

Hi Dr. Vernick, this is Kevin from the RJK all star band. I talked to you a while back about lessons for learning how to compose music and I wanted to get more details about that and know how much it would cost and stuff.

04.19.13Connie Taylor

I was curious if the Rialto Youth Jazz orchestra was going to happen in 2013. If so, my son would be very interested in auditioning. Thanks

04.05.13Matthew Culmore

2 podcasts in iTunes are not available due to server errors. Can you fix or send me links to the missing podcasts? Missing: Duke Ellington and the Nutcracker Suite number 2, and the one I really want to hear, Django Reinhardt Part 3 In Paris During the War. Thanks and keep up the chops.


Will you be appearing at the 57th Fighter Squadron restaurant in April?

03.30.13Robert Johnson

Hi Dr. Vernick -- I received an email from Rex Richardson about his appearance at GSU next week. He passed along the schedule you had sent your students. I am writing to see if it is OK that I attend some of the events on Monday? And if so, could you send me general directions to the music building and where I might park? I live in Carrollton, west of Atlanta. Thank you!

03.14.13Dave Stein

Just discovered your podcasts!!! Amazing and wonderful. Are you planning to do more?

In the form of an introduction:

03.10.13Jack Moore

I'm very disappointed that Moments Notice Band no longer plays at the 57th.

Where are you playing now?

03.02.13Rhys Gwyn

Hi Gordon,
Im having technical issues with recent podcasts. I cant download (from iTunes) Pt 3 of the Django Reinhardt series, and pt 2 of the Duke Ellington Nutcracker. I apologise if technical issues should be directed elsewhere. I\'m a HUGE fan; I have listened from the beginning. If you take requests, would be great to hear something on Benny Golson (dont think you have yet), Hampton Hawes; and maybe also George Russell (trying to figure him out). How about Don Ellis? Great show. Regards, Rhys (Sydney, Australia)

02.26.13john lang

Thanks very much for the Jazz Insights series of podcasts - great stuff!

one small errata: The first guitar solo you play from Butterfield\\\'s East West is not Bloomfield, as the narration implies but rather Elvin Bishop - Bloomfield does in fact play the \\\"raga rock\\\" solo you quote a few moments later. Small point, but I feel Bish deserves a mention.



02.22.13Mario Rials

Hello Dr Vernick - I graduated from GSU in 2007 with a film degree and though you won't remember me, I really enjoyed your jazz history class. In May Im marrying my fiancee in Costa Rica who I also met at GSU. We're having a reception May ll in Atlanta and would very much like live jazz at the event. Do you play in a band that could play or could you suggest a band to inquire with? We take an annual trip to New York to see The Baby Soda Jazz Band at Moto Cafe in Brooklyn. If you get a second give them a listen and let us know if you can help. Any insight is most appreciated.

01.05.13Paolo Casadio

Dear Mr. Vernick,
I'm an italian semi professional guitarist and a jazz fan, who started to study and read more seriously about jazz history just from a few years.
I accidentally found on i-tunes, your mini audio lessons and i'm listening to all of them with great interest: they are really well done!
I think everybody who try to spread jazz, in any way, is notable of great esteem, because it's a great music and a great culture.
Unfortunately for me, here in Italy jazz music it's not really considered too much; there is no chanche you can learn to play some music at the high school ( not even asking for good music, just music, for sake! ), and conservatories are much more classical music oriented; jazz music it's only something you can hear in few clubs, it's not on the radio nor in tv programs. I mean, there are a lot of good jazz musicians all around in the country, but it's just not the music the majority of people want to listen to; it's not in our culture, even if some great jazz masters of the past come from Italy ( in particular from the south of Italy ), due to migrations.
For the proposal of study and spread jazz music, i've started writing down some " jazz history lessons " on a wordpress blog, and, obviously, you inspired my work; i'm writing it down on a regular basis and i use your audio clips as a landmark; i briefly write down what i hear in your clips, as a reference, and then i elaborate everything, usig my own words and integrating with other sources from the internet.
I'm writing to you becouse i just wanted you to now this, and say that in the first post of the blog i talk about your " Jazz Insights " as a reference.
I'm can surely say that i'm not copying you, i'm just using your audio clip, as a general guide.
Hope i have your approval and just want to thank you again, you made my days.
have a great musical 2013...cheers from Italy, and let me know if you appreciate or not, this is the link for the blog:

11.29.12Jeremy Wilms

Former student of yours, need a graduate school letter of recommendation.


Are you playing at 57th this month?


Hi, I just wanted to thank you from the depth of my heart for providng us with those podcasts which is so important info for every musician but to read them would take too much time, and you are delivering it so quick and easy to us, it's a real nice gift you gave us.

Thank you again

11.02.12yonaton bazer

hi dr. gordon,
my name is yonaton- i'm 15 years old and i follow your
lectures (jazz insights). i really love the program.
so, i remember in one of the episodes- you introduced the dave pell orchestre- "mountain greenary".
i've been trying to find the piece since then.
well, no luck. any advice??

10.16.12Merlin Fabian

Hi Gordon - I'll get right to the point: Need a Mandolin Player? I have been in a Jazz band for the last 4 years in Vrginia and after moving to Atlanta, I am desprate to play. Please contact me at 404-612-8431. I also play Bass and Ukulele. Please Call!
Merlin Fabian

10.15.12Marcelo Silva

Dr. Vernick thank you so much for these marvelous insights. Started 6 months ago to listen the podcast and decided to do so from the begining. Truely speaking the programs are great lessons about jazz and at the same time relaxing. Your fan in Brasil. Marcelo

10.03.12Cesar Braga

Hi, Dr. Vernick!

My name is Cesar Braga, from Brazil. My instrument is piano, I have a specialization degree in improvisation, and studied with Dr. Ed Byrne for about three years.
I have been listening to your show "Jazz Insights" from itunes U. Thank you for sharing your great knowledge to the world. I love the classes!

If you have any summer programs in your university, let me know. Thanks!

09.18.12Gypsy Lyons

Can't wait to see you guys in person! I love the music.

09.09.12Marc Dickman

Hey man,
Don't forget that Rich Matteson recorded Louis and the Dukes in 1959! I have enjoyed your podcasts. I can send you a copy if you don't have it. Say hey to my Atlanta bros!

09.04.12David Eves

Great podcasts so thank you very much. I tend to listen on my weekly flights from Edinburgh to Heathrow. They allow me to switch off and learn at the same time. It feels like stolen moments (excuse the pun!) Best regards

08.23.12Jordan Shorr

Oops- didn't mean to hit submit. Gordon if you would be kind enough to please clean up my message if you're going to show it.
Also, when and where will you be playing again?
Best regards and again, it was a real pleasure.


Just wanted to thank you for the 'jazz insights' program mmm course....

07.31.12Gary bruce

When and where are you performing in august... 57th?

07.20.12Joe Bader

Hi Gordon. Not sure if you remember me or not, I am trying to do something special this year and wanted to talk to you about possibly having you out to my school, Five Forks Middle school.

You can reach me at 404-729-8907



LOVED hearing you guys last night at 57th! I'm trying to find a calendar or list of upcoming concerts, but the Itinerary only lists past events. Please let me know how I can stay up-to-date, I'd love to see you guys again!

07.12.12Mike Jakob

Hey Gordon,
Just wanted to thank you for coming out this Monday and listen to some of the amazing musicians we have playing and you taught down in "the 51". I would love to hear your imput about the room and what you thought? You also mention about maybe doing a show to launch your CD( which is Very Impressive). Give me a shout at your earliest convience.
Thanks again
Mike Jakob
Elliott Street Pub and "the 51"


Enjoy your Jazz Insights podcasts very much.

Discovered some great old songs I was not aware of and learned about jazz and music in general.

I think the podcasts would be very much improved if the subject matter wasn\'t so stuck in the distant past.

That is, your four part series you tend to save the last few minutes of part four to the 70\'s onwards.

Also there is almost no modern musicians or music covered. Even if you find it hard to cover someone who is still alive, some greats have just passed. Such as Esbjörn Svensson.

I know being stuck in the past is a problem for many involved in jazz in general.

This is why I\'m writing. We have to try to acknowledge all great jazz today and the jazz music that just happened.

06.27.12John B. McClellan, M.D.

Dr. Vernick, I am a big fan of jazz insights. I also am a big fan of your playing an especially your sound. I have played trumpet since 1959, when I was 8 years old. I have played in Drum and Bugle Corps., Junior and Senior High band, College band , Church, Community, Big band and Jazz septet. I would love to get sheet music for In The Dark and also learn what equipment you use, trumpets and mouthpiece. Thank you for all you have taught me in your podcasts.

06.13.12Jason DesRoches

Hi Dr. Vernick

I have been enjoying your Jazz Insights program. Jazz is interesting to me, I’m a beginner to the genre. It is enlightening to learn about the history of jazz and the great performers over the years.

You’ve recorded a few programs entitled How Jazz Works. If you find time to fit in one of the next programs, I would like to know what is meant by a piece that swings or does not swing.

Thank you very much,

05.29.12Catherine Perry

Looking for summer jazz classes for my college age (20) son (trumpet). His school doesn\'t have jazz studies and he would like to further his Jazz education over the summers

05.11.12Jeffory Alexander

Greetings Dr. Gordon,
I am finishing my first year of Grad School at UCLA and I will be writing my thesis on Kenny Burrell. I have listened to jazz insights for several years now. I downloaded all I could. The guitar series I have stops at charlie christian and I wanted to know how I could get the rest leading into Be-bop, Hard-bop etc. and could you recommended some books to read over this summer that relate to the guitar at charlies entrance and Kenny\'s as well well.I really love your show and I pattern myself after you in relation to becoming a Jazz historian.
Jeffory Alexander Masters Candidate 2013

05.07.12Juan Rosaly

Luv the podacast, lots of great info and presented in a logical and refreshing way. keep it up yeahhhh


do you ever travel/perform in europe? if yes where?

05.02.12Randy Jackson

I've been enjoying Jazz Insights for a couple of months now, ever since I discovered the series. Thank you for rounding out my education. I'm a prof at WVU, and play a (very) little bit of jazz guitar.

one of my colleagues just wrote a book I thought you might find interesting. Here is the url:


Thanks again for the great series!

04.13.12Heinz Geisser

Dear Gordon,
I'm listening with a lots of pleasure to your CD. Thank you very much!
It sounds cool and I can feel the passion in the music.
Atlanta keeps beeing on my mind.
I hope that there will be a chance to get togehter again.
Heinz Geisser

03.28.12Hilde friese

we are looking for dinner hour entertainment on Saturdays. We have a piano behind the bar. Please contact me.

03.26.12Edwina Law

Hi Gordon.... I am a long-time friend of your wife Kalynn from Edgewood College. I happen to find some of our old correspondence and found that you are teaching at Georgia State. I haven't heard from her for a long time. I'd like to start re-connecting with her. We have been living in the Cleveland area for 24 years and are ready to move to Nashville while my daughter and her family live. My husband has retired last December. Anyway, please let Kalynn know that I've written and hope all is well with her. Hope to hear from her soon.

03.19.12Henry T. Hudson

Do you have a regular and/or an irregular schedule for playing at the 57th Fighter Group Restaurant and/or elsewhere? I read that you have played at the 57th for the past five years on the first Sundy night of each month. Also a friend told me that there was "a jazz group" (yours as I understand it) playing at the 57th last night, Sunday, March 18 (not the first Sunday of March). My girlfriend is a jazz addict/aficionado and we'd like to be able to plan to attend somewhat around your schedule. (For sure we can't without knowing what your schedule is!)

I'm looking forwrd to your reply!


Henry Hudson
Cell 404-421-9947

03.15.12drew kirchhoff

Hello Dr. Vernick,

I really, really enjoy your iTunes podcasts, and your Jazz Fusion #4 really opened my eyes to the music; could I get a list of the names of the songs and albums that are played in this podcast ? Thanks!


02.29.12Gerald Ford

Greeting Mr.Vernick,

I recently listened to your program on AM 1690/Voice of the Arts.And your piece of the late Duke Pearson/Jazz Insights.Wonderful show.Great music.As (Duke Pearson) deserves this type of musical tribute.I can futher say that he deserves more.He left behind a great body of work.As well as arranging,composing ,producing.He played a big part in the sixties helping to shape the Classic Blue Note sound.But he has never truly gotten the recognition that he honestly deserves.His name is always mentioned in such small ways.He should go down in the jazz historybooks better than that.Its a shame that (The City To Busy To Hate) had never nominated or inducted him into The Georgia Music Hall of Fame before it closed.He was known throughout the world.He played with,and or recorded with some of the whos who of jazz.He wrote songs that some dont even know that he wrote.Anyone who came to Blue Note during his tenure,had to come in contact with him.Some of the more famous and well known musicians played in his bands.He helped guide the careers of up and coming musicians like Herbie Hancock,Chick Corea,Freddie Hubbard etc.He was all over the place recording,writing and arranging,producing.That left very little time for touring.But he made a name for himself in the world of jazz.He always said that,he never wanted to be rich or famous.All he ever wanted to do was write and play his music.And that he never wanted to be in the limelight.Said that he was more comfortable being in the background.His music was and is still in the limelight he spoke of.Thanks to people like you who help keep his legacy alive.

Sincererly,Gerald Ford
(Nephew Of The Late Duke Pearson)

02.28.12W. Michael Reed

Just want to take a moment of your time to say how much I LOVE your Jazz Insights. I found them on iTunes a couple of months ago and I listen to them whenever I get the chance (working out, long driving trips, etc). My wife has been turned onto jazz by listening to the sessions as well.

I had been looking for some time for something that would help me listen to jazz with more understanding and knowledge. Your programs have been that "something"! A couple of years ago I took a Jazz History class at a local community college, but that mostly covered dates, times, movements, etc. It had very little content about how to listen to jazz.

Keep up the great work. It is greatly appreciated.

W. Michael Reed
Orange, CA

02.27.12Steve Ward

Hi, Gordon.

Can you recommend a good Jazz reference book? I live in Austin TX and while I'm not a musician I love Jazz. I found your Podcast a few weeks ago and I'm hooked!

I like to learn music termonology and I'm always stumped by a few words in your show - like "cakewalk."

Keep up the great work!

Cheers. Steve.

02.26.12Kjartan Kjartansson

I am writing you just to let you know how much you have enlightened
my knowledge of Jazz history and Jazz musicians in general with
your superb podcasts on offer at the iTunes university.
I have listened to them all as they have been my companion for over two years now.
Your knowledge of jazz music and music history in general is immense and
I am very lucky to have found this great source of informative entertainment.

02.02.12Jacob Haymans

Hey Docter V,
You were just at our distict jazz clinic and you put a bunch of trumpet music on a flash drive for me. For some reason, when I got them onto iTunes and then deleted them off of the flash drive they all got deleted. I was wonderening if it would be possible for you to send them to me by email.
Thanks so much,
Jacob Haymans


thanks so much for your jazz insights on iTuneU. I can't get enough!!!


01.25.12Bill Abbott

I came across Jazz Insights on my itunes account on itunesU. They are amazing and I have been enjoying them so much. I was looking in itunes for some worthy things to listen to for my ride to work. I have been looking something like this for years. Wynton has a program on Sirius on Saturdays, but yours are so much detailed and interesting. Oh yeah and portable. Thank you!
I'm a bass player of several years and for the last few years I've been studing Jazz privately. You could say I am not a jazz musician, but I play jazz in a trio. Maybe you can help me. Do you have any recording about theory? I need to lock in my music theory better and it would be awsome if I had some recording about theory like your Jazz Insights.
Please let me know. by the way the trumpet is my favorite horn and I assume thats you on the tune while I wrote this email. superb!
Here is something about me. http://www.linkedin.com/in/bassbillabbott
Thanks for the inspiration. Please reply if possible.

01.09.12Andrew Roche

Hi, I have really enjoyed listening to your Jazz Insights series, it has been very interesting especially because I am somewhat of a Jazz virgin, and hope there are some more to come :)

I particularly like the 'theme', please could you tell me what it is.


01.05.12Dave Goldsman

Hi Gordon, I've been listening to Jazz Insights for quite a while, and was particularly interested in the material that you're doing on the influence of jazz on British Rock. Related to that, I've always thought that jazz really influenced the band The Zombies (though they might be classified as closer to Pop than Rock). For instance, consider The Zombies' "Remember You" . Or, one might note that Mel Torme's "Comin Home Baby" sounds somewhat like a mix of "She's Not There" and "Time of the Season". In addition, The Zoms' keyboardist Rod Argent is a huge fan of Miles Davis. Well, you get the picture. Thx, and keep up the great work. Dave

11.27.11Jack Moore

I've always enjoyed hearing & dancing to the band @ 57th.
So, how can I find out where your band will be performing?
Please keep up the great sounds.

11.27.11Marc Leadbetter

I listen to your Jazz Insights podcast all the time and I think it's fabulous. I was wondering, what is the difference between Bebop and Hard Bop? Thanks. Keep the podcasts coming, I love them.

11.12.11Rob Rijneke

Hello Gordon,
I can't find no longer on Itunes the Scott Lafaro Insights, only number four is still there. Disappeared?
Perhaps you can help me.
Thanks in advance,
Rob Rijneke
The Netherlands

11.10.11David Galloway

I heard your excellent program today on Duke Pearson. What a surprise. One of my favorite songs is Jeannine. I learned it when I was taking a few lessons with Laymon Jackson, the bassist for Paul Mitchell. Jeannine was the break music for Paul and I fell in love with it. I was already into the show and my new discovery when you played Jeannine. I have downloaded a couple of albums from itunes but it sounded like the recording you were playing was live. I did not find a live recording available. Any advice. Thank you for making my day. Always love your show but today was special. My trio when I was Emory played Oscar Peterson style jazz and thus my love for trio music. Thanks again,
David Galloway

11.02.11David Kindred

Gordon I listened to your Jazz Insights Media program on Wes Montgomery and I think you did the best, honorable ,well explained description of Wes. I really was blessed by your presentation! Thank you and God bless!

10.26.11Ted Burns

Dear Gordon,
I just wanted you to know I recently discovered the podcast and it is spectacular. Thank you so much. I've learned so much already. (I do podcasts for the neurology world--I'm a neurologist at the University of Virginia--and I appreciate how much effort goes into these productions.) Let me also add that I think your shows will be listened to for many generations to come. Please do more!! Thanks! Ted Burns

10.24.11Sherylanne Lyons

Sir finally to find my type of music in our city, is amaing! I have had a love for this music all my lif and have always wanted to sing the songs my mother taught me. Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn as well as Billie Holliday are the singers of old that I wish to perform like. Not to brag I do pretty well, at least one of their former band members told me, " you are just like them. I say all this to as if I could sit in with you the next time I find where you are playing. Contact me if it is at all possible: 678-851-7783, KEEP SWINGING!

10.14.11Raymond Crosby

Mr Vernick I would like to get in the jazz study program.
I am currently a student At Ga Perimeter and in my third semester of theory and ear traing. I played for quite a while and I not your typical student.I am 52 yours old but always hae wanted to get my degree in music,now I have the time
Thanks Raymond Crosby

10.10.11Michael Lewinger

Dear Dr. Vernick,

Just recently I became an avid listener of your podcast, and I'm surprised to hear the opening song just here !!!!!! Yeah ! So, I LOVE the podcast, and expand my knowledge of both jazz the music and jazz the people. Hope to hear and see you in Israel !!!

God bless you, and thank you for your generosity and love.


10.07.11Mark Brunner

I'd just like to thank you for your sharing of your wonderful knowledge of Jazz. the insights series is just so great and interesting, i started listening to jazz music way back, when I had a local music library (London 1970's) I used in a rather random way. You give a structure to my modest knowledge and experience of jazz. Just today i've most happily insisted my stepson listen to your podcasts. Keep up the important and good work, best regards etc.....

09.26.11David sauzay

I m a French tenor sax
I would like to thank you a lot for your great jazzinsight It's so interesting to know all the small stories that we don t know
Best regards

09.22.11Jim Wilde

I'm really enjoying listening to "Jazz Insights" episodes on the itunes sight! Your knowledge and enthusiasm are significantly enhancing my own enjoyment of jazz. Thanks!

A couple of questions..

Where can I get a copy of a cd with the "Jazz Insights" theme. It sounds like it is playing on this site, so I'm assuming that it is your own recording. Can you direct me to a Canadian source that might be able to supply this?

Also, in the early 60s someone gave our family a wonderful jazz record called "Sounds And Songs" by the Al Belletto Sextette (1955 release). Half the songs are vocal arrangements and half are wonderfully arranged and played instrumentals. I guess the album might be considered corny today, but I still enjoy it! Don't know much about the players and wondered "if you had some insight into what became of them?

I appreciate that you might not be able to respond, and if that is the case, thanks for taking the time to read this! Let me again say, thanks for "Jazz Insights"!

All the best,


09.19.11Tim Abrahamson

Any chance you will be looking at European jazz artists? How about Jean Luc Ponte? I don't know much about European artists but I know jazz is regarded highly in Europe.


Hello Gordon,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your podcast series. I'm working my way through all of them, and enjoying every minute of the wonderful learning!


Laura Servage

09.12.11Jane Blackstone

Hi Gordon,
I would like to have a few moments to talk with you
I have finished MA at NYU - need music certification credits
and funding help
Need guidance and an opening through which to crawl!! ]
Thank you
It\'s rather serious-)

09.10.11Tim Abrahamson

I am loving your pod casts. Keep up the good work. I fell inlove with Jazz when I was a vocal major at U of North Texas (Denton, TX) One of the aspects of Jazz that appears to be under represented in your podcasts is that of Vocal Jazz. From Nina Simone, Eddie Jefferson, Sarah Vaughn etc. to more modern performers like Manhattan Transfer and Michael Franks. I would love to hear your ideas on the many and varied vocal artists! Keep up the great work!
Tim A


loved the 'jazz insights' piece on jack teagarden - thanks!

08.17.11Cornelius Wiedswang

Dear Mr. Vernick,

Dear Mr. Vernick,

I often listen your podcast "What is jazz" and find it very intersting and enjoy it very much.

Can you please tell what kind of song you are playing with Fast Navarro?

Thank you.

Cornelius Wiedswang

08.11.11Allen Otis

Dr. Vernick; I have been enjoying your pod casts and like to keep up with them often. Thank you for making such good lectures available to the public. Here in NW PA I don't get exposed to much study like this but we do attend some performances at Chautauqua Institute and Fredonia State College where Bruce Johnstone is the Jazz Director. I have been able to catch up with David Liebman sometimes as well. Thanks again for your programs. Sincerely, Allen

08.11.11Andy McDonough

Dr Vernick,
I enjoy your insights, as I know many others do. I created and support a web site, NJJazzList.com that promotes live jazz performances here in New Jersey. I know the programs are available on iTunes and I encourage people to go there, but would there be a way of posting some at our site for people who do not have other access?

I am searching to be able to provide more educational content and 'Insights' would be ideal.

Thanks for doing what you do. -Andy

08.08.11Wyndolyn C. Bell, M.D.

I represent the Jazz Association of Macon. We host an annual outdoor jazz and arts festival in Macon, Arts on Riverdale. It will be held on Saturday, October 22, 2011 from 12 noon until 6 PM. We would like to talk to you about your fees, interest and availability for the Gordon Vernick Quartet to serve as the lead act for the Festival. The lead act performs from 4 - 6 PM.
Other GSU faculty have performed at the Festival, including Justin Varnes, Audrey Shakir and Kevin Bales.
Please contact me by e-mail or by cell phone (770-363-6048) if you have questions.
Wyndolyn C. Bell, M.D.
Chairperson, Music Venue Committee
Jazz Association of Macon

08.06.11Kerstin Meyer

Thank you so much for your tutorial in iTunes called Jazz Insights! I love music but have always wondered how to 'start' listening to jazz.

These little 'jazz appetizers' are great. I have just started listening to them but you already made me discover some wonderful music and enhance my understanding of some of the songs I did already know.

I particularly loved the fact that you concluded your piece on Jazz Vocalists with Bobby McFerrin. I have heard him sing in London last year and it was amazing.


08.05.11Brett Goldblatt

I have always enjoyed jazz without understanding anything about it. Your show has helped. I was thinking it would be amazing to see someone put together a Jazz Theory book for the iPad with links where you can hear clips right inside the book. When you talk about minor chords vs. major chords you could actually have clips comparing them. I think I would understand all of the theory a bit more that way and, as a result, I would better appreciate the music.

I would like to place a pre-order for that book.

08.03.11Lori Parks

I am an event planner and I have a client in Atlanta who is specifically, looking for a smaller version of the Doc Severensin’s orchestra to accompany a Tonight Show with Johnny Carson bit they are doing at one of their meetings in Septemeber. Would you be able to do something like that?.

08.02.11Kevin Conner

Gordon - I used to work for your sister Judy at the University of Pittsburgh. I heard you play at her wedding, way back when. I just happened to be in an ed tech conference session about iTunesU, saw the logo for your podcast and your name caught my eye. I'm a jazz fan, an interest that was boosted during my time at Pitt, being exposed to Nathan Davis and the Pitt Jazz Festivals over the years. Originally, my Dad got me started because in his day he would go to the Crawford Grill in the Hill District and listen to Earl Hines, Erroll Garner, etc. Glad you are helping to keep jazz alive. Next time you speak to Judy, let her know I was thinking of her and hope everything is good for her. She was a mentor for me in my career as an ed tech guy.

07.25.11Micah Hines

Mr. Vernick, I am writing you to inquire about the possibility of your jazz students playing for our festival in Riverdale. September 3rd, the City of Riverdale will present its Seafood & Beer Festival from noon - 11pm. The Department of Cultural Affairs and Leisure Services is interested in showcasing some of Atlanta's finest musical talents thoughout the day. Our goal is to focus on multiple genres of music and promote college, high school and organizational talents. Please contact me with more information at 770.909.5300 or mhines@riverdalega.gov. Thank you.

07.19.11Eric Lohman

Thank you for posting more podcasts today. I have just recently discovered your show, downloaded your entire posted oeuvre and I am really enjoying it. You picked up nicely where Nancy Wilson left off when she stopped doing Jazz Profiles for NPR, by profiling artists I'm less familiar with - as well as a doing a super job of showcasing the greats. I just finished listening to your 5-parter on Stan Getz. Man could that guy blow! I and a couple more of the psychiatry staff at Grady (I am a social worker on the psych floor there) have used your podcasts to enroll ourselves in your jazz history course and we are totally digging it. Thank you for the very professional and entertaining job you are doing with these podcasts and please keep it up. We'd also love to hear about it if you ever do a lunch & learn type workshop in the downtown area or something similar.

07.11.11Jerry Soffer

When are you going to issue your next podcast for jazz insights? It's been two months since "Jackie McLean 1. I look forward to your podcasts, the next step in my jazz education.

07.04.11Craig Shier

Hi, Dr. V. I've been listening to Jazz Insights through iTunesU. Your programs have added a whole new dimension to my listening. It's fascinating to see how Jazz developed technically, musically and as a key element of 20th century history. The backstories show how personal this music is as well.
Thanks heaps for putting this great program on iTuneU.
Craig Shier

07.02.11Steve Paton

Hi Gordon,
I just wanted to express my great appreication for your wonderful podcast. As a former jazz studies major at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in Australia, I feel like I'm learning as much, or more, on my train trips to work every week, than I did in Jazz History 101.
It's surprising to me that you've managed to introduce me to several players that I'd never checked out much before. Seriously, how I missed out on being knocked out by Cifford Brown before now, I simply do not know. The solo you featured on Cherokee had my mouth hanging open on the train, probably with tears in my eyes!
Thanks very much Dr Vernick,
you're busy so please don't bother to reply.
Steve P (Australian living in Japan)

06.25.11pawel pliszka

I met you at SOJA concert. I did not realize (was not informed by Phil) tha you were one of the founders of the organization. Given we (members) are at crossroads with the future of this organization I would appreciate 10 minutes of time to get familiar with history that somehow got lost. My number is 201 344 2208. Pawel

06.22.11Dave Mandelblatt

Hi Gordon, For years I've wanted to learn more about Jazz. Your Jazz Insights programs (I've downloaded all from itunes) have been my gateway to finally enjoy this music/history. What do you recommend as a next learning step after I have listened to all of your itunes programs? Dave from Pittsbugh.

06.10.11Thierno Athie

I have downloaded all your podcats from itunes; I'm a fan...

06.07.11Pablo Gonzalez

Hey my name is Pablo and im a student from McEachern High school. I been trying to find the website for the jazz summer camp at G.A State. Well i finally did and well i saw that the dead line has past long time ago. If there is still any way that i can attend the camp. Can you please give me an email back. My email is Pablomhs2012@gmail.com Thank you!

05.30.11Huntington Witherill

Dear Mr. Vernick:

I am writing to determine if you offer (for sale) your Jazz Insights series of podcasts, in its entirety, in CD form? My father, who is a great jazz lover (and soon to turn 86 years of age) I know would greatly enjoy the series of podcasts. Unfortunately, he is not computer savvy, but does continue to enjoy his music, via CD. I had thought that the series would make a terrific birthday gift for him and thus was wondering if you offer the series in audio CD form. And if so, how I might purchase it.

Thanks for your time and also for the wonderful Jazz Insights Series, itself.

Huntington Witherill